Applications For The Second Collection

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Describe your style:


  1. Stardoll name: Cr.12345
    Full name: Cristina Bellamy (Bellamy = made up)
    Describe your style: I'd say, I'm unique. I always have different dolls. They are always unique and different. They're modern and still never done before. I never do those crazy styles with tons of accessories. I have a lot of potential and I love fashion, so I think its an advantage. I always change my medoll I guess. I like simple stuff, but it has to be elegant and noticiable. I take a long time doing my dolls to make sure they're perfect.

  2. Stardoll Name: MusicGirl505
    Full Name : Gabby (im sorry that i dont have last name but i just cant think of one - it always sounds like an porn star name :P)
    Describe your style: Classy; Vintage; Bold - simply ME

  3. Stardoll Name: Nina.Gray
    Full Name: Nina Gray
    Describe your style: Unique. Bold yet Simple. Vintage. Mature.
    My medoll sorta, not really, represents my style.

    xx. Nina

  4. Stardoll Name: sparklewand12
    Full Name (Last can be made up): K Wills
    Describe your style: On trend, colourful, quite girly - I prefer to be wearing dresses or skirts, but I love shorts sometimes, and if there are trousers with a great pattern I will try them, quite experimental, I'm not afraid to try different things to see what they look like and what reaction I get.

    I really hope that was enough! Thanks for this opportunity :)
    Love K xxx

  5. Stardoll Name:blingjane
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Shani Jihiro Scott
    Describe your style: Fruity, I like to wear bright things with fruit on it.

  6. Stardoll name: AliceIzzy454
    Full name: Alison Brooks (known as Alice or Ali)
    My style: different I don't like being in with the trend. I love being myself not in with the trend and then not myself. I have no one style because I'm always chopping and changing but I usually like to be bright. I experiment a lot with clothes. Mix and match. Sometimes it doesn't work. But try and fail is the best way to do things ;)

    Ali x ;)

  7. Stardoll Name:257744
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Sandra Miller
    Describe your style: Unique. I don't like bright clothes, love elegance and simpleness, old clothing.

  8. Can I enter again? :)
    I don't know, but here goes! ;D
    Sofi Even
    Edgy, fierce, and at times elegant.

  9. Stardoll Name: ilv123

    Full Name (Last can be made up): Ilvija (J like Y) Wood

    Describe your style: Classy yet modern, fashionable and elegant, and so ME. Simple and vintage. Even though sometimes my mood makes it become otherwise...
    I quite like to wear dresses and bows, hats and sunglasses, and add a pair of earrings for the finishing touch. :)

  10. Stardoll Name: Bipasha2

    Full Name: Raina Benson

    Describe your style: Sumptuous yet extravagant. My style cannot be determined. Stardoll, though it isn't a satisfactory outlet for me fashion wise, I make do with what I've got and that's what I believe style is.

  11. Stardoll Name: AislinVictory
    Full Name: Aislin Rane Victory
    Describe your style: Vintage-Grunge

  12. Stardoll Name: NessisaMess
    Full Name: Vanessa Wrong (Wrong isn't real xD)
    Describe your style:
    Okay, my style is pretty good. I'm gonna be honest and say that I have lots of inspiration from other medolls. Usually I would go for modern or practically anything. You can give me a piece of clothing and I'll match it up with anything I have ^____^ I like mix n' matching or working with lots of dresses and other clothes as well ^__^ To me style is what you are. You make your own thing and it shows your personality and your creativity :)

  13. Stardoll Name: natasha-rox286
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Natasha - Tashh
    Describe your style: Exotic, out of the world. Yeah i'm pretty much one of those girl's who would do anything just to show my fashion. My style would be a mixture of vintage and a bit of grunge, i also go for the casual look. I'm very creative, What ever i see, i create. Without fashion, life would be a blank canvas,

  14. Stardoll Name: sweety-Melissa4

    Full Name (Last can be made up): Melissa L.

    Describe your style: classy, creative,different, i don't like have the perfect ouftit! I want have and small mistake! Fashion rules is for those who don't know how to dress. The real Fashion is inside those who have their own style!

  15. Stardoll Name: Sta988
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Sofija Swarovski
    Describe your style: Always accessorized! :)

  16. Stardoll Name: Starchels2010
    Full Name: Chelsea Mckenzie ( Last name is made up)
    Describe your style: Well, My style to me is always got a bit of me in it. I think of it as glamorous, elegant, chic and just simply being myself 24/7 and not caring what others think! :)
    Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

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  18. Stardoll Name: Winter4543
    Full Name: Vanessa Mason
    Describe your style: From very punk and edgy to very chic and soft.

  19. Stardolll name: Elw2008
    Full name: Quinn Fabery
    Describe your style: Its very classic with a twist of modern.

  20. stardoll name: I_luv_chicken
    full name: sky sunshine
    describe your style: vintage, crazy, girly, random.

    im a mixed up girl when it comes to fashion!!!

  21. Stardoll Name:shiningstar746
    Full NameLKate F
    Describe your style: I would say casual. If I was going to a party I would wear a dress so sometimes girly and sometimes casual. It all depends on the occasion really.

  22. Stardoll Name: lovinjudas
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Karolina (Baker?)
    Describe your style: I am quite modern and colourful, but still timeless vintage and classic. Does that make sense? :)

  23. Stardoll Name: -lovely2009-
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Kate Benzman
    Describe your style: My sense of style is “inspired by Kate Moss.” That means that I mix lots of fashion-forward and vintage pieces together for a look that is “boho chic” with a rocker-chick edge.

  24. Stardoll Name: To_Royal
    Full Name : Deidra C. Maxwell
    Describe your style: It changes, but it can be edgy, risque, gentle, or haute.

  25. Stardoll Name:The2glams
    Full Name (Last can be made up):A&J
    Describe your style:Unique, I dont have one style, I have multiples:) I dont like sticking with one style because Its too original.

  26. Stardoll Name: sarabear123
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Sara Azzam
    Describe your style: I guess I don't really have one set style. My style really reflects who I am and my personality. I always try to push the limit with my fashion and I enjoy doing it. I guess a few words that describe my style best would be unique, trendy, cute, and original.

    Thank you!

  27. Stardoll Name: Starchels2010
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Chelsea Mckenzie (last one is made up)
    Describe your style: Elegant, sophisticated and chic.

  28. Stardoll Name: .pease.
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Linus Leonardsson/Linnea Lyreborg
    Describe your style: It's original. I have no idea of how else to describe it, it's just simply me.

  29. Stardoll Name: supa_star4real
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Debbie Aderin
    Describe your style: Fetch, chic, Inconsistant, Different

  30. Stardoll Name: GothRibbon
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Christine Grubisa
    Describe your style: Edgy,classic

  31. Stardoll Name: xxImmiixx :)

    Full name (Last can be made up): Imogen Louther :)

    Describe your style: Edgy, unique, sophisticated :)

  32. Stardoll name:StarMinimon
    Name Camila Vidal
    Style:My style is almost always casual and summery,since i love
    summer but also i love winter.But my style are:Casual,unique,and

  33. Stardoll Name: BellaCullen4210
    Name: Cindy Klein.
    Style: My style is cheek, stylish and classy, but sometimes a little vintage. I always have loved fashion and I think the key to a sucsesfull outfit is the black colour.

  34. Stardoll Name:india-farlel
    Full Name (Last can be made up): india flowers (made up)
    Describe your style: sweet floral fun and cute ^^

  35. Stardoll Name: oOAudreyOo
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Audrey Hewitt
    Describe your style: My style is classy and bold. I always have colour block pieces in my outfit, and statement items from the latest Stardoll designer. I adore fashion, and I always try and be unique with what I wear.

  36. Stardoll Name: Jody_Cailin
    Full Name: Mari Sands
    My Style is more classy, chic and glamourous. only sometimes you see me in casual...

  37. Stardoll Name: pinkioriginal
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Saskia Esty
    Describe your style:

    Classical, Original, Sexy, Fun, + Creative <3

  38. Stardoll Name:Junebug246
    Full Name: Chloe
    Describe your style: Hipster.I really like bright floral print. i think you should do a spring collection on that. But I can't really describe. I like alittle bit of everything. but i like it suttle.:)

  39. Stardoll Name: Blugoo101
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Nicole Summers
    Describe your style: My style is a little bit of everything. I love everything from girly floral prints to killer heels. I just love clothes in general :)

    Thanks :)

  40. Stardoll Name: TwilightRosez
    Full Name: Shay Zenobia
    Describe your style: I have a modern, trendy style. I hate long dresses, and floral prints. I clean cuts with cute accessories that compliment what I wear. Modern, stylish. I'm a perfectionist so if something doesn't match I scrap it. x]

    I love BIG and BOLD things that make me stand out, and I prefer silver over gold. [;

  41. Stardoll Name:Billiejohn
    Full Name (Last can be made up):Kylie Dawson
    Describe your style: My style can be anything from risky, edgy high fashion to classic glamor and vintage. Strangely, how my emotions are at the moment impact it, and what my life is like at the moment, along with things and people that inspire me and things that are on my mind. Its hard to describe really, because its always changing, but no matter what it's always my own, and I always strive to be bold, and unique.
    Thank you for the opportunity! xo

  42. Stardoll Name: Lizzy1414
    Full Name: Elizabeth Grae
    Describe your style: Modern? Lol. It changes alot. What ever flows out of my fingertips I guess.

  43. Stardoll Name: xXpunkxXrockxX
    Full Name: Rayvenne Grace
    Describe your style: Vintage,Modern

  44. Stardoll Name: B.E.P.Fan_4ever

    Full Name: Maria Williams

    Describe your style: Unique. My favourite designer is Chanel Coco and my favourite stardoll shop is DECADES.

    I also have a portfolio:

  45. Stardoll Name:hammygirl00
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Rowan Thorne
    Describe your style: Unique, and quirky.

  46. Stardoll Name: Missceaaria
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Ceeara Iman
    Describe your style: Sleek, and slightly vintage, and edgy. I love browns, burgundy, navy and creamy colours, which is especially great for the winter and autumn. I also love bright colours too, but tend to wear them less than other kind of clothes. in real life as well as stardoll i am on trend, and i love buying clothes (in real life too)


  47. Stardoll Name:Jacobmail
    Full Name (Last can be made up):Sebastian Richter
    Describe your style: Modernfashion.
    I love to mix colors,textures
    and styles


  48. Stardoll Name: Kaami1990
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Nour Grande
    Describe your style: I am a little bit of everything. Girly-edy-tomboy-classy- with a bohemian twist. I like to try new and different things :)

  49. Stardoll Name: Martusia_144
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Kasey Noelle
    Describe your style:Preppy Grunge. It's a contradiction!

  50. Stardoll Name: o0HighFashion0o
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Kaja Jevne
    Describe your style: Very high fashion, like my stardoll name, or i can be very simple and chic. Sometimes i look like a nice girl, other times i can look like a bad girl.

  51. Stardoll Name: Doggy_Starpuppy
    Full Name: Julie Carol
    Describe your style: Sometimes classy, glamorous and sometimes much more like futuristic or McQueen style. Sometimes it's quite vintage. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

  52. Stardoll Name: Jody_Cailin
    Full Name (Last can be made up): mari cailin
    Describe your style: vintage, romantic, sometimes crazy and weird, individual, rebell ...changing.
    my portfolio:

  53. Stardoll Name: Cheekycazbo1
    Full Name (Last can be made up): Carrie Rose
    Describe your style: Creative, fearless, vintage and simple